Terms of Services

Terms & Conditions

No Hosting of Applications

Applications, scripts like proxy scripts, shell scripts, online gaming scripts, file/image sharing scripts, chat scripts, paid-to-surf, auto-surf, buxto, auto liker, torrent scripts will not be hosted by us.

Misuse of Server and its resources

Any action or attempt to damage ay one or more of our servers will be considered as a breach of agreement and the user’s account/ accounts will be suspended immediately without refund. If any user’s website will use high amount of CPU cycles or cause negative impact on performance of other websites of the server, they may be offered and asked to accept new/ different terms of agreement.

No Spam condition

Sending unsolicited mails or spam from our server is not permitted and if any user’s account is found sending such mails from our platform, their website will be suspended without any refund. We have the right of sole discretion in such case and scenarios.

Posting Illegal Content / Adult Content/ Nulled / Scam

We do not allow any Illegal / Scam/ Adult Related content to be posted through our platform, if any complaint is filed then the user will be responsible for it.

Misuse of Shared Server

The content allowed on our platform are blogs, websites and such like , projects which are allowed as per the server environment . This means that any activity which Decreases Server Functioning / Performance are not allowed which may be for experiment purpose or of any similar activity.

Website usage

We do not host websites designed for Sharing Files/ Mirroring/ For Creating Backups/ Archive Purposes. Regular content must be available on all websites.

Malware/ Malicious Content

Index files are necessary for all websites hosted from our platform. Files like should be uploaded directly to the specific folder which is public_html. If this particular website is uploaded to different folder or the file is unavailable, the user’s account will be deleted from our server. This will be done on the basis that such websites are malicious websites.

Subscription to Mail From Host Prizma

As users Register/ Sign In with us, they provide their consent to be added to our mailing list. We are entitled to send 1 mail that provide information about our New Services Offered/ Affiliated Products and Services/ Promoted Products. The receiver can stop receiving these mails by clicking on the Unsubscribe link.

Conditions for the Services

Our services are provided on “As is and as available basis” without any warranty. We do not give claim to any warranty or condition which are Expressed Or Implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, title, non-infringement, the implied condition of satisfactory quality and implied warranties arising from course of dealing or course of performance. Account holder is responsible for any information or content posted while availing our service is on their own risk.

Verification of Account Details

All information provided at the time of registration must be correct or the account may be suspended, if Any Duplicate/ Incorrect/ Suspicious Information is found. Under such circumstances user account information will be verified manually to reactivate the account.

Please note that all our decisions related to Suspension/ Termination of account is taken after comprehensive and through search of all the information.

We never make our decisions without a very fair investigation or any prior information. Violation in above terms can Suspend/ Terminate your account.