At Host Prizma privacy is very important

Information Collection

It is to be noted that various information will be collected at times to facilitate and enrich customer experience. Information may or will be collected at the time of registration , at the time of usage of provided services and products, if any partner pages are visited. This is done to provide better experience , for this we may combine the information collected from mentioned sources and from our partner pages. As soon as customer sign in and agree for the services or purchase product they are no longer unknown to us. We will receive several information from their web browser and computer like IP address, software and hardware features , cookie information , page requests and other relevant standard browser specifications. While customer utilize our services, we will be sending one or several cookies ( a file containing a string of characters of very small size ) to devices that will enable us to identify their browser uniquely . These cookies are used to enrich experience and improve the quality of our services which includes preferences , trends followed by users and help in delivering a rich experience. We may or will attach one or several cookies to the browser of the user whenever our or our partner’s services are utilized. In order to provide effective processing of requests , inquiries and refine our services we may continue to keep track of messages sent , transmitted information, published content , material posted or send email through our services.

The servers located at multiple data-centers at various locations are owned by us or our partners and are part of our framework. On these servers only these collected information are stored.

Usage of Information

All the relevant information will be used for the reasons mentioned above. Other such purposes will include


To avoid entering the same information and making the surfing experience smoother and using the services an easier experience.

For provision of our services

For the purpose of research, development and analysis, Auditing , security and protection and for constant improvement of services.
For ensuring our networks technical functionality.
For Protection of our and our users rights and property.

Development of new services

It is according to the description given in terms of service for our services and as mentioned in Host Prizma’s customer master agreement.

Policy on Spam

We do not sell any information personal or contact to third parties. We believe in No Spam Policy and have prohibited the use of collected data for Spam.

Personal Information Option

Whenever a customer registers for our one or more service we request them to provide personal information. We always use the information provided as per the conditions mentioned here and in the terms and conditions of our agreement but if we need to use these information in any other condition , we will be asking for your permission before utilization of the information. The default setting of all browsers is set up to accept all cookies, but it can be changed and personalized to- refuse or accept cookies as per the settings and prompt whenever a cookie is sent. It is to be understood that our services or some of its functions may not work correctly if browser settings for cookies are changed. Customers can always decline to provide personal information; in these cases, those services may not be provided to him/her.

Sharing of Information

Customers personal information will only be shared with other individuals or companies under following conditions


The information provided will only be shared with our partner, subsidiaries or companies affiliated with us for utilization of information to be further used by us or on our behalf. These organizations will utilize these information as per our agreement for processing data in accordance with our instructions which are in acceptance with our privacy policy and relevant safety and security guidelines.

It is our honest intention and understanding that usage, disclosure or safeguarding, providing of these information is important in times of: –

  1. Any legal, governmental requests, required as per the law etc.
  2. Implementation of accepted terms and conditions which may be inclusive of detection and inquiry related to violation of policy.
  3. Identification of any threat related to security and technical aspects and for detection and prevention of the same.
  4. Protection against violation to rights and property, protection of our interests as well as users and of population as per the requirement or allowed by the law.


Information which does not reveal the identity of customers may be shared with other sources which are not personal and only viable when brought together , for example — area wise number of users.

In accordance with Host Prizma customer master agreement and with terms of our services or terms of individual services.

Security of Information

Significant steps and actions are taken to safeguard information/data and for protection against prohibited access, change, stealing or removal of the information. There are set systems and protocols for review of collection of data and its safekeeping and utilization systems. Specific safety measures are taken up in both digital and physical ways for protection against unlawful actions like stealing or destruction of personal data physically or digitally.

These information/ data are only accessible to authorized persons which are working with us as employees or associates, they use this information for processes, development of the services. These persons are obligated to follow the rules as they are e bound by confidentiality agreement and can be penalized / terminated etc. if found guilty in any charge.

Personal Information

As customers agree to use our services, we make honest effort to provide correct information and make corrections if any information is found inconsistent.

Privacy Policy changes:

Privacy Policy may be changed to remain at par with the norms of the times.